Around The Workshops : 21st December

A range of images from the workshops, running shed and paint shop at Douglas Station on the lead up to Christmas.  Further details will be provided in the next edition of our official journal Manx Steam Railway News which is due for publication in January 2024.  Brake composite F.26 is in the running shed, with No.8 Fenella sheeted and in store in the infill shed, No.11 Maitland receiving attention in the workshops joined by the frames of No.12 HutchinsonM.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia is in the running shed, people carried No.23 stowed to the rear of No.9 Douglas which is in the process of being cosmetically restored by the Association, the railcars remain in store while pairs carriage F.54 is being repainted and F.49 is in the running shed.