Ex-Queens Pier Railcar

Fleet Number:

Passenger Capacity:

Year Manufactured:

Overall Width:


Works Number:

Last Operated In Traffic:


Current Status:

None Allocated

4 (Staff)


7’ 6”

Wickham Of Ware



6’ 3”

Dismantled, Douglas Station

In used during lifting of the north line on loan from the Harbour Board and borrowed from Ramseys Queens Pier.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

This unit was built to operate the pier tramway in Ramsey as a second source of motive power to the existing Hibbert Planet locomotive, and was used in 1975 in connection with lifting the rails on the closed lines, and thereafter on some permanent way duties until 1980 when it was dismantled.  Today the remains are stored in the workshops at Douglas Station, consisting of the main frame, wheels and transit set only.

March 1977

Santon Station

September 1975

Crosby Station


Queen’s Pier