3rd / 3rd Class Saloon F.32

The last of the first batch of four saloons delivered from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., in 1905, F.32 consisted of two separate third class saloon areas; it was fitted with bus-style windows in 1972 in an effort to improve ventilation, at the same time as receiving the all-over red livery, neither of which did any favours to the appearance of this historic vehicle.  Chosen to form part of The Bar Set in 1980 together with F.31 and F.35, the traditonal windows were refitted at this time, but the original large droplight was not reinstated.  Internally new fixed seating was provided with brown leatherette seat covers and formica panelling.  It would remain like this when the purple lake scheme was reapplied in 1992.  The carriage was extensively overhauled to become part of the dining train with a major overhaul commencing in 2010, the guise it remains in today, with a second corridor connection and dining seating.

Fleet No.:










36’ 11”

7’ 1”

10’ 3”

In Traffic (Diner)

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March 2020

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