Ronaldsway Halt

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Ronaldsway Halt

1st June 1967

Seasonally (& 2021 Season)

Port Erin (South Line)

54°05′17″N 4°38′33″W 

8 Miles, 60 Chains

Seasonal (Request Stop)

What If...

Opened in June 1967 just ahead of the official reopening for Lord Ailsa to travel, this diminutive request stop has featured intermittently in the timetable ever since; providing with a solitary running in board initially, positioned slightly further south than today's platform, it was renamed as Great Meadow Halt in the 1971 season, reverting back to its original name in 1973.  The halt is located next to a field gate and style, being a five minute walk from the island's only airport.

Equipped with a half-height sleeper platform in 2001, capable of accommodating four bogie carriages, a solitary platform bench was added at the same time, and the running in board changed for a bilingual one in 2008 in line with then-policy, gaining the wording Staad Roonysvaie at the time.  The halt was temporarily suspended for the 2021 season amid the Covid-19 pandemic and reopened fully at the start of the next season in 2022.

It remains a popular request stop with arriving passengers from the airport, the novelty of businessmen commuting into the capital by steam train being taken advantage of, possibly the only place in the world this remains possible.  Trains stop only by request with intending passengers giving a clear hand signal to the train crew on the approach, to alight here you must inform the guard upon boarding the train.

Platform | Running In Board | Bench

The basic facilities at this request stop consist simply of a platform bench and running in board, no notice board is provided.

The view from a passing train showing the gravelled platform with bilingual running in board installed in 2008.

No.13 Kissack passing the halt in April 2019 showing the platform which is capable of accommodating four carriages.

The style and gate that give access to this request stop viewed in the summer of 1974 with no running in board present.

No.4 Loch draws into the platform to collect passengers in the summer of 2005, timetables posted onto the signage.

Paused at the request stop to drop of passengers bound for Ronaldsway Airport, a five minute walk away.

No.13 Kissack cruises past the request stop in June 2104 in the Indian Red livery; trains stop here only by request.

Guards' view as a train pauses to allow passengers to alight for the short walk to the aircraft terminal in July 2022.

No.13 Kissack arrives to collect a lone passenger in the summer of 2022 for the onward journey into Douglas.

The running in board which served until the end of 2007, then replaced with a bilingual version in line with new policy.

A quiet time between trains in the summer of 2022 showing the solitary bilingual running in board on the platform.

No.18 Ailsa with a works train consisting of ballast hopper F.70 in May of 2011 when a short relay was being undertaken.