The M Series Drop-Side Wagons

The most prolific series on the entire railway, a total of seventy-eight of these two-plank drop-side wagons were provided between 1877 and 1925 and saw frequent use owing to their versatility; despite their numbers only a handful survived latterly, all of the later batches, M.69, M.70 and M.77 as well as some parts from M.78 which were used as the basis for the Supporters’ Association’s major project in 1998 to reconstruct one of these wagons which is now the sole representative of this large series.  M.78 sees occasional use during events period and on photographic charters where it is joined by Association-built replica H.1 and restored original van G.1 which are otherwise resident in the railway museum at Port Erin Station.  Below are links to the various batches of wagons conveniently separated into the various delivery dates:-