Lezayre Station

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Lezayre (Garey)

September 1879

2nd October 1961

North Line



14 Miles, 60 Chains

Closed & Lifted

The first stopping place outside the terminus at Ramsey Station on the north line, equipped with a unique station house unlike ther others along the route, which today has been converted into a private dwelling.

Station Building | Level Crossing | Ground Level Platform

The well presented station with gravelled area neatly denoting the platform ara and long stretch ahead of trains coming from the west.

A relatively rare view of the rear of the single storey station building showing the extension and elaborate brick chimney stack.

No.8 Fenella and her train at the station viewed from the level crossing showing the simple layout of this rural scene.

The derelict station building after the rails had been lifted and before a sympathetic restoration was carried out converting to a house.

Nature reclaiming the site in 1972, the semaphore signal with its fishtail optimistically set to clear with the station in the distance.

Septmeber 1972 and the solitary Swan Vesta advertisment persists remining the passer by of the structure's origins.

Rails still in place in September 1972 after the last trains had past; the rails here would be lifted in 1975 and station later converted.

The station and adjacent level crossing in a scene that remained largely unchanged for nearly a century until the last trains.

Another view after closure showing nature reclaiming the site before the structure was converted into a private dwelling.