Ballaugh Station

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Date(s) Closed:

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From St. John's:

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23rd Sept. 1879

6th Sept. 1968

North Line

 54.310°N 4.541°W 

10 Miles, 10 Chains

Closed & Lifted


A solitary "M" series wagon stands in the goods yard with the shed in the distance, in the summer of 1969 prior to the very last movement.

The goods shed after closure in 1977 still carrying one of the familiar Swan Vesta adverts prominent at stations for many years.

The site today witht he modern bungalow taking the site of the station and remaining goods shed, home to the Ballaugh Heritage Trust.

After the last trains had passed in September 1968 showing the remnants of the later blue colour scheme carried by the building.

An overgrown station looking north in 1971 with the long passing loop still in situ, this would be lifted five years later.

The level crossing gates looking south in the final summer of 1968 showing the unkempt condition of the permanent way at that time.