Half-Brake Carriage F.43

Withdrawn from traffic in 1983 and currently stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station.

Fleet No.:










37' 0"

7' 0"

10' 0"


Above: F.43 in the red and cream colour scheme adopted after the war with gold lettering and two-tone green drop shadow; a variant of this would be applied upon nationalisation with a deeper shade of maroon, and orange lining detail each side of the paler cream mid-section panelling.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

In February 2012 F.43 was stored in the carriage shed at Port Erin Station having last been used in traffic back in 1983.

September 2019 with the railcars in Douglas carrige shed, the British Rail logo crudely applied to the panel with the word 'scrap' (!)

F.43 in June 1969 at Douglas Station when it was still part of the active service fleet, note the Ailsa crests on the panelling.

August 2020 and the letter rack inside the luggage compartment still in situ, note also the Stones electric lighting equipment.

A look inside the luggage compartment in February 2012 showing the peach shade commonly applied to interiors from 1978.

Stored in the infill shed at Douglas Station in April 2007 partially sheeted over from a period in outdoor storage the previous year.