First / Third Bogie Carriage F.9

The first of a batch of four delivered from Brown, Marshalls & Co., Ltd., in 1881, this carriage was removed from the railway in 1978 to be converted into a tourist office on the promenade at Douglas opposite the Sea Terminal and returned in 1987 for rebuilding which was completed in 1991, the carriage has been in regular traffic since this time and currently carries the red and cream post-war livery which was applied in 2000, prior to this the purple lake scheme was applied.

Fleet No.:









Brown, Marshall

35’ 0” 

7’ 0” 

9’ 4” 

In Traffic

F.9 in use as a Promenade Information Office for the railway in July 1979 in its firstincarnation wearing a non-standard blue and white livery.

F.9 in the then-standard purple lake and off-white livery following complete rebuild, July 1992, drop shadow is blue as opposed to the original scarlet.

During shunting with No.18 Ailsa in the yard at Douglas Station in August 2021 showing the "slab sides" of the earlier bogie stock.

F.9 in use as a Promenade Information Office for the railway in June 1983 in its second incarnation wearing a variation of the standard red and white.

F.9 outside the workshops at Douglas Station following an external repaint in May 2019 prior to lettering and crests being reapplied.

One of the restored third class interiors showing the standard of workmanship, April 2019; two compartments are first class.