All Thirds Carriage F.10

Part of a batch of four vehicles supplied by Brown, Marshalls & Co., Ltd., of Birmingham in 1881 (F.9-F.12) this carriage is part of the backbone of the service fleet and has rarely been out of traffic.  It is an all-thirds composite identical to F.11 featuring six third class compartments, the middle four having shoulder-height partitions.  It was withdrawn in 2019 and stored for a period, returning to use owing to traffic demands in early 2021 in poor condition.  Sister carriage F.11 was rebuilt be off-site contractors and returned to home metals in 2022, at which point F.10 was removed for rebuild by the same contractors where it remains at the present time, the aim being for it to return in late 2023 for completion and return to service.

Fleet No.:









Brown, Marshall

35’ 0” 

7’ 0” 

9’ 4” 


F.10 departing Douglas Station for restoration in May 2022, the vehicle on the left is the returning F.11 after similar restoration works.

F.10 outside the old carriage shed at Douglas Station in April 1950 in the two-tone brown utility livery with tell class designations on the doors.

Withdrawn from traffic in 2021 and stored in the paintshop at Douglas Station in April 2022 awaiting departure for restoration work.

Painted into the standard post-war red and cream livery on Road One at Douglas Station in June 1962, no class designations were applied at this time.

In the yard at Douglas Station wearing the standard post-war red and cream livery in June of 1970 whilst in regular traffic on the south line.

Progress being made on the restoration of F.10 by off-site contractors in March 2023 showing the extent of works being carried out.