Ballabeg Station

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4th June 1876

4th October 1948

Port Erin

54°05’28”N 4°40’26”W 

Off Arbory Road, Ballabeg

11 Miles, 40 Chains

Open Seasonally  (By Request)

Above: the original structure at Ballabeg Station was similar to those provided elsewhere on the line but without the open shelter in the central portion; it was later added to with an extension to the rear and later replaced with the version that remains.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

There has been a request stop here since the earliest days of the railway, and despite it being quite some distance from the village from which it takes its name (a more accurate locale would be Ballanorris, for which the nearby pumping station is named) the halt has had a chequered career.  Initially fitted with a unique third class station building in timber and boasting its own station master, the original structure was removed from the site at an unknown date.

The current structure is more accurately a platelayers’  hut rather than providing any passenger accommodation and dates from prior to the second world war. Appearing intermittently in timetables, even into nationalisation years it was sometimes marked as being closed until 1989, thereafter it has been open as a request stop each season and is a popular stopping off point for walkers and spectators for the Southern 100 racing on the nearby Billown Circuit.

It was not until 1987 that the canopy was fitted to the front, complete with decorative fascias making it look like an appealing railway structure, and a small section of concrete platform which was extended using sleeper walling in 2001 to create an area capable of accommodating up to four carriages, prior to this the only raised area consisted of a section outside the hut which could only serve one passengers compartment.

In more recent times it has been tended to by members of the local W.I. who are on site daily in the summer months, having gained quite the reputation for bursts of floral colour.  The Association undertook a repaint and refurbishment of the station in 2021, repainting it from green into a more cheerful maroon and cream scheme to make it more distinguishable from the nearby main road.

Picket fencing and period signage complete the scene and volunteers from the Association tend the site and carry out smaller repairs to ensure it remains looking its best.  On 31st December 2022 there was an incident at the station where a special New Years Eve train struck a tree and was delayed; afterwards a number of trees were removed from the site in addition so flailing and lopping of other foliage in the area.

Platelayers’ Hut | Shelter | Half-Height Platform | Limited Parking | Historical Displays

The station shortly after Association Renovations were completed, July 2022 in the new maroon and cream scheme.

No.13 Kissack passes by with a southbound train in June 2013 showing the efforts of the W.I. who tend the flower beds.

Association-supplied  platform furniture recently installed and lettered in July 2022 as the maroon scheme is applied.

The platelayers hut at the station in the summer of 1974 prior to the addition of the ornamental canopy in 1987.

The Isle of Man Ferry Express container which was a feature for several years on the site; salvaged parts are now stored at Castletown.

Flowers and the platform after Association Renovations in July 2022, the W.I. regularly tend the site on a daily basis in summer.

No.12 Hutchinson turned to face Douglas passes with a short-line working to Castletown only in May of 2001.

Dressed with Womens Institute bunting marking that organisation's centenary in June 2019 with the bilingual running in board.

Good Luck horseshoe on the door of the platelayers' hut at the station; today this structure is used as a store.

The Shoebox Special for Operation Christmas Child calls at the station in November 2012 collecting parcels for the charity.

A quiet time between trains in August 1994 showing the original short platform with ornamental veranda added in 1987.

An overview of the platform area during Association Renovation work in July 2022 with restored platform furniture and new urns.

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia arriving to collect passengers who are flagging down the train by waving at the driver, July 2022.

The platelayers hut at the station in the summer of 1974 prior to the addition of the ornamental canopy in 1987.

M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia on a light engine test run passing through the station in January 2013, startling the livestock.