Four-Wheel Carriage B.7

Seventh of the series and supplied by the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co.,Ltd., of Saltley Works in Birmingham for the 1873 opening of the Peel Line, from 1882 this carriage was close-coupled to B.8 and in 1925 the two were mounted on a new bogie underframe to become F.50; the bodies were scrapped in 1967 at St. John's and the underframe became R.13, later reverting to their original number.

Fleet Number:






B.7 (Later Paired With B.8) Thence F.50)

30 (Five Passengers Per Bench)

1873 (Paired 1925)

7’ 0”

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co.,Ltd.

17’ 0”

Surviving Runner F.50

Douglas Station