Brake Composite F.46

One of two brake composite carriages delivered from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., in 1913, the other being F.45; these identical vehicles are composites made up of a guards’ compartment with double doors and lookout windows in the bulkheads, two central first class compartments and the remaining three third class compartments; arriving with torpedo roof vents these have been removed with most other original features retained. 

In 2016 as part of an overhaul one of the first class compartments was fitted with armrests, reducing the seating capacty from 48 to 46, excluding the seating in the guards compartment; it retains some of the equipment from the Stones Electric Lighting, though when used after dark today it is fitted with car batteries in the locker in the guards compartment to power the illuminations. The carriage remains in daily use during the operating season, currently in the Douglas rake.

Fleet No.:










37' 0"

7' 0"

10' 0"

In Traffic

Above: F.46 is one of the carriages that have been in regular traffic on the railway since arrival, rarely being withdrawn from service save for routine maintenance and repainting; it is identical to F.45 but with the guards' compartment at the southern end and often operates as a uniform rake with the other remaining large "F" carriages.  It was most recently repainted in January 2023, outshopped in the post-war red and cream livery with Ailsa Era crests featuring No.16 Mannin in green.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A)

F.46 shortly after a full exterior repaint in February 2023 outside the workshops at Douglas Station carrying Ailsa era crests.

April 1950 and F.46 was in the post-war red and cream livery at Douglas Station, this was adopted from 1946 to rolling stock.

F.46 back in service at the start of the 2023 season following a complete exterior repaint with Ailsa era crests at Castletown Station.

Work in progress on a full repaint of F.46 in January 2023 in the workshops complex and Douglas Station, the black lining missing.

In May 2007 F.46 was pressed into service prior to completion of a repaint for the busy T.T. period, seen here at Port Erin Station.

Sparkling brasswork on F.46, a tribute to the dedication of the seasonal staff who make sure the carriages are well turned out.

F.46 in June 1968 at Douglas Station as part of a rake of similar Large F carriages which in modern times are marshalled together.

April 1995 and F.46 is part of a train hauled by No.11 Maitland in the purple lake livery crossing the Silverburn Bridge outside Castletown.

F.46 shortly after a full exterior repaint in February 2023 outside the workshops at Douglas Station showing Ailsa era crests.