Interpretive Signs To Museum  : 1st May

Ahead of the visit of the island’s Lieutenant Governor Sir John Lorimer which will take place tomorrow, volunteers from the Association have attended the railway museum adjacent to Port Erin Station to ensure their new interpretive signage is displayed next to the major exhibits.  Travelling in wagon H.1 on a service train earlier this week, these panels are now displayed beside H.1, M.78 and G.19, with further panels provided for No.1 Sutherland and its new Douglas & Peel United sign installed earlier.

This new sign shows one of the three famous images from opening day in 1873 and explains the presence of the replica banner on the front of the locomotive and accompanies another panel which provides a short history of the locomotive.  It has not been possible to install restored six-wheeler M.N.Ry. No.6 in the museum at this time, but a further display board gives information about the unique Cleminson Patent and compliments further displays for various series of goods wagons and vans.

Royal Saloon F.36 is now back in the exhibition hall for the time being, and another panel with information about the 1905 saloons is also being complied at the moment, to feature on the reverse of that for the six-wheeler so that full information is available for both historic carriages, complete with QR codes leading to the relevant sections of this website.  The museum is open to the public from 9.30am each day the trains are running, which does not include Tuesdays over the next three weeks.