Ballacraine Halt

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Ballacrain Halt

May 1876 / June 1927

September 1879 / May 1929

Peel / Ramsey

54.19861°N 4.63248°W 

Foxdale Road, Glenfaba

8 Miles, 0 Chains

Closed & Lifted

Provided initially as a wayside level crossing, this opened as a request stop in the spring of  1876 owing to its proximity to the nearby Glen Helen but this was short-lived and by the autumn of 1879 references to it disappeared from timetbles.  However, later in 1927 the halt was used again mainly by spectators attending the T.T. Races at Ballacraine, lasting only until 1929.  From new it was furnished with the familar style of stone-built crossing keepers' lodges which remains extant today as part of the Heritage Trail.  In the final years of the railway's operation it was fitted with a basic colour light signalling system operated by the gatekeeper but this proved unsuccessful and was later abandoned.

In 2020 an unusual design of pedestrian/equestrian crossing was installed here but later removed.

Gatekeepers' Lodge / Level Crossing