Festival Extravaganza Evening : 30th July

The Summer Transport Festival drew to a close yesterday evening with a line-up at Douglas Station billed as an extravaganza, featuring No.4 Loch, No.5 Mona, No.6 Peveril, No.8 Fenella, No.11 Maitland, No.13 Kissack and M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia (with No.17 Viking also on display) making for some memorable photographic opportunities.  A special timetable was in place during the day, the 3.50pm ex-Douglas being postponed to create a late 8.30pm departure heading south.

In addition to the locomotives a large array of rolling stock was also displayed including all serviceable carriages excluding the saloons, wagons H.1 and M.78, vans G.1 and Gr.12, restored six-wheeler M.N.Ry. No.6 and the Foxdale Coach making for an impressive sight.  The damp weather did not deter the crowds from flocking to the station for a variety of photographic opportunities prior to the departure of the evening service.  Commemorative signs featured.

The extended transport festival has been an enormous success and something of a return to form, akin to the memorable Year Of Railways thirty years ago.  A variety of events have taken place on all railways across eight days, proving their value to the island in spite of the various rumours currently circulating about their future.  As part of the festival the Association's annual general meeting took place on Saturday 29th, a report on which will appear on this site shortly.