Saloon F.31 Repaint Update  : 16th May

Saloon F.31 is nearing completion in the works at Douglas Station following a re-roof and much other work including a repaint into its original purple lake livery ahead of the busy T.T. period on the railway.  The carriage will be in traffic again for The Italian Job train on Friday evening sporting its new look with class designations on the panelling and reintroduction of the roof-mounted “torpedo” vents.

Additional work to be carried out following the close of the 150th anniversary season will include the application of gold and maroon lining detail to the beading and further detail working.  Ultimately the entire dining train will be outshopped in this livery which will stand out from the service carriages in the post-war red and cream scheme.  Events to commemorate the anniversary of the Peel Line will take place on 1st July followed by an extended transport festival at the end of that month featuring all of the railways on the island.