Four-Wheel Carriage C.5

Part of the first batch to be delivered from the Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co., Ltd., of Saltley Works in Birmingham for the opening of the Peel Line in 1873, by 1882 this carriage had been close-coupled with B.12 to become the new F,71 and survived in this form until 1983; the redundant underframes were used to construct K.14 (i) and bodies were scrapped in 1983, runner remains.

Fleet Number:






C.5 (Later Paired With B.12) Thence F.71)

30 (Five Passengers Per Bench)

1873 (Paired 1910)

7’ 0”

Metropolitan Carriage & Wagon Co.,Ltd.

17’ 0”

Douglas Station

September 1971

Douglas Station

July 1950

Port Erin Station

August 1969