Half-Brake Carriage F.34

Survived in ocassional use into the latter days, but stored at St. John's at the time of the fire on 10th December 1975 and receiving fire damage, this carried was destroyed by controlled fire in June of 1976 with the underframe retained for a period as a bogie runner.  This too has since been scrapped.

Fleet No.:










37' 0"

7' 0"

10' 0"


Above: the first of eight similar luggage vans known as "half brakes", F.33 was delivered with F.34 in 1905 and has detail differences from the later versions, notably the more rounded detail on the vents about the doors; this rendering of F.33 is based on the works photograph showing positioning of the fleet details as delivered, the I.M.R. lettering being central whereas later this was moved across to be at the centre of the panelled section.  Note also the full lettering on the doors.

(Photo: I.o.M.S.R.S.A.)

F.33 stored in the open during October 1967 at Douglas Station, note the position of the lettering which is more commonly centrally placed.

F.34 in service during July 1962 arriving at St. Germain's Station on a train headed by No.8 Fenella, regular north line performer.

F.34 heading south in September 1964 making a departure from Port St. Mary Station as part of a train with tailstock.