Update On Saloon F.31  : 13th April

Photographic update on the progress being made on 1905 saloon carriage F.31 which is in the workshops at Douglas Station receiving attention at the moment; canvas roofing is in the process of being fitted with more attention to the exterior beading ongoing.  Newly-machined timbers for the new windows is being painted and the new glazing will be applied shortly.  The carriage is due to return to traffic next month when it will take its place in the dining train, outshopped in the purple lake and off-white livery as detailed in our previous news item.  All the saloons will be similarly treated over time.

The railway is currently operating daily with timetable “R” in force, this evening, Thursday 13th April will see the Pie & Mash train operate with the first evening timetable “U” service of the season; today M.N.Ry. No.4 Caledonia is in use on the Silver Dream Lunch train with No.4 Loch and No.11 Maitland maintaining services.  Trains continue to operate daily throughout the month apart from 25th and 26th when no trains will operate.  The railway museum at Port Erin Station is open daily throughout this period as the busy season on the railway continues.  Manx Steam Railway News has now been dispatched to members.

No.4 and Cale being prepared for service on Thursday 13th April, No.4 on service with Cale taking the Silver Dream Lunch train this afternoon.